abia T3 total

abia T3 total enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative determination of total triiodothyronine (T3) concentration in human serum. The assay is intended for aid in the assessment of thyroid status and diagnosis of thyroid disease. For professional use only.

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Packaging Contents

T3 Ab coated plate

1 plate


12 ml

T3 buffer 8ANS

6 ml

Calibrator 0

0.5 ml

Calibrator 1

0.5 ml

Calibrator 2

0.5 ml

Calibrator 3

0.5 ml

Calibrator 4

0.5 ml

Control serum

0.5 ml

Washing solution (concentrated 25-fold)

50 ml

TMB/substrate solution

12 ml

Stopping reagent 0.2M H2SO4

25 ml

Protective film


Plastic dish


Plastic zip-lock bag



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Batch-specific documents

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Where do I find the batch number?

The batch number is placed on top of the box label, starting with DK

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